The iPhone 13 Pro Max: A Review of Features, Specifications and Price in Kenya

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a flagship smartphone that has garnered significant attention for its advanced features, powerful performance, and impressive camera capabilities. In this review, we will explore the key features, specifications, and pricing of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Kenya, providing an in-depth analysis of what sets this device apart from its predecessors.

Pricing and Availability in Kenya

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in Kenya at a starting price of Ksh 145,000. The device was released in September 2021 and is available through various retailers and carriers. Users can purchase the iPhone 13 Pro Max at TujenganeVentures, with options available up to 512GB.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Design and Performance

1: ProMotion XDR Display

Immerse yourself in a visual masterpiece with the ProMotion XDR display. Boasting a high refresh rate, HDR support, and True Tone technology, the iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers a stunning and responsive visual experience.

2: A15 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine

At the heart of the iPhone 13 Pro Max lies the A15 Bionic chip, a powerhouse that ensures lightning-fast performance, efficient multitasking, and advanced machine learning capabilities with the Neural Engine.

3: Triple Pro Camera System

Capture moments with professional precision using the triple Pro camera system. From low-light photography to cinematic video recording, the iPhone 13 Pro Max pushes the boundaries of mobile photography and videography.

4: Ceramic Shield Front Cover

The Pro Max comes equipped with a Ceramic Shield front cover, enhancing durability and providing enhanced drop performance. Your device is not just smart; it’s designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life.

5: 5G Connectivity

Embrace the future of connectivity with 5G capabilities. Enjoy faster download speeds, smoother streaming, and lag-free online interactions, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of technological advancements.

6: Night Mode and Deep Fusion

Elevate your photography game with Night mode and Deep Fusion. Capture stunning details in low-light conditions and enjoy rich textures and colors in every photo, whether you’re shooting landscapes or portraits.

7: iOS 15 with App Library

Experience the latest in mobile operating systems with iOS 15. Benefit from features like App Library, Focus mode, and enhanced privacy settings that make your Pro Max experience seamless and intuitive.

8: ProRAW and ProRes Capabilities

For photography and videography enthusiasts, the iPhone 13 Pro Max introduces ProRAW and ProRes capabilities. Capture and edit photos and videos in the highest quality, giving you unprecedented control over your creative output.

9: MagSafe Technology

Revel in the convenience of MagSafe technology. Attach MagSafe accessories with ease, from wireless chargers to magnetic mounts, enhancing your Pro Max experience with effortless functionality.

10: Advanced Face ID Technology

Secure your device and data with the advanced Face ID technology. Unlock your iPhone 13 Pro Max, authenticate payments, and access secure apps with just a glance, ensuring your privacy is always protected.

Benefits of Choosing the iPhone 13 Pro Max

1: Immersive ProMotion XDR Display

The ProMotion XDR display provides an immersive visual experience, making every interaction with your Pro Max a delight for the eyes.

2: Powerful A15 Bionic Chip

Experience unrivalled performance and efficiency with the powerful A15 Bionic chip, ensuring seamless multitasking and responsive navigation.

3: Professional-Level Photography

The triple Pro camera system allows you to capture moments with professional-level precision, delivering stunning photos and videos with every click.

4: Durable Ceramic Shield Front Cover

The Ceramic Shield front cover enhances durability, providing enhanced drop performance and ensuring your Pro Max withstands the test of time.

5: Future-Ready 5G Connectivity

Embrace the future of connectivity with 5G capabilities, enjoying faster download speeds and seamless online interactions.

6: Night Mode and Deep Fusion

Enhance your photography skills with Night mode and Deep Fusion, capturing detailed and vibrant photos even in challenging lighting conditions.

7: Latest iOS 15 Experience

Run on the latest iOS 15, benefiting from new features, enhanced privacy settings, and a refreshed interface that keeps your Pro Max at the forefront of mobile technology.

8: ProRAW and ProRes Capabilities

ProRAW and ProRes capabilities offer unprecedented control over your creative output, providing a versatile platform for both photography and videography.

9: MagSafe Convenience

MagSafe technology adds a layer of convenience, allowing for easy attachment of MagSafe accessories and enhancing your Pro Max experience with effortless functionality.

10: Advanced Face ID Security

Advanced Face ID technology provides heightened security and convenience, ensuring your Pro Max is accessible with just a glance.

Specifications of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. Processor: A15 Bionic

The Pro Max is powered by the A15 Bionic processor, ensuring powerhouse performance for swift app launches, smooth multitasking, and energy-efficient usage.

2. RAM: 8GB

With 8GB of RAM, the Pro Max delivers a seamless user experience, allowing users to switch between apps and tasks with ease.

3. Storage: 256GB

Store your memories, apps, and files without compromise with the Pro Max’s generous 256GB storage capacity.

4. Battery: 4,500mAh

Enjoy extended usage with the 4,500mAh battery of the Pro Max, ensuring that you stay connected throughout your day.

5. Operating System: iOS 16

Experience the latest in software technology with the iPhone 13 Pro Max running on iOS 16. Stay on the cutting edge with innovative features and updates.


ThePro Max, available exclusively at Tujengane Ventures, is not just a smartphone; it’s a symphony of design, performance, and innovation. Dive into a world where every feature is meticulously crafted to redefine your digital experience. Choose Tujengane Ventures for the Pro Max and elevate your tech journey to unparalleled heights.

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