Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (512GB/12GB)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 features and specifications in Kenya

  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Internal Storage: 512GB
  • Battery: 4,400 mAh
  • Rear Camera: 50MP + 12MP+ 10MP
  • Inner Camera: 4MP
  • Outer Camera: 10MP
  • Display: 7.6 inch, AMOLED, 120Hz
  • Cover display: 6.2 inch, AMOLED, 120Hz
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Connectivity: Dual sim, 3G, 4G, 5G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi
  • Colors: Phantom Black, Cream, Icy Blue
  • OS: Android 13, One UI 5.1.1

KSh 249,999.00

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Features & Compatibility

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (512GB/12GB) in Kenya

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (512GB/12GB) is a cutting-edge smartphone that pushes the boundaries of technology with its innovative design and powerful features. With a massive 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, this device offers ample space for all your apps, photos, videos, and more, while ensuring smooth and efficient performance. Whether you’re a multitasking pro or a media enthusiast, the Galaxy Z Fold5 has the capacity to meet all your needs without compromising on speed or storage.

One of the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (512GB/12GB) is its foldable design, which allows you to switch seamlessly between a compact smartphone and a spacious tablet. The 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display delivers stunning visuals and vibrant colors, making it perfect for watching movies, playing games, or browsing the web. The device also boasts a durable hinge mechanism that ensures smooth folding and unfolding, so you can enjoy a seamless user experience every time.

In addition to its impressive storage capacity and versatile design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 comes equipped with a range of advanced features to enhance your overall smartphone experience. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, the latest innovation in foldable smartphone technology.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 features a stunning 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that folds in half, allowing you to switch between a smartphone and a tablet seamlessly. The display is vibrant and sharp, making everything from watching movies to browsing the web a truly immersive experience.

Capture every moment in stunning detail with the Galaxy Z Fold5’s versatile camera system. From wide-angle shots to close-up portraits, this device lets you unleash your creativity and take professional-quality photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (512GB/12GB) price in Kenya

The Price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (512GB/12GB) is Ksh 249999

Galaxy Z Fold5

Galaxy AI is here
Two Galaxy Z Fold5 devices placed horizontally. One is folded and seen from the rear and the other is unfolded and seen from the Main Screen. S Pen Fold Edition for Galaxy Z Fold5 lies in front.

The ultimate 7.6” Main Display

The device unfolds to reveal a tablet-sized screen, perfect for gaming, watching videos, and even getting work done with a PC-like feel.

Our lightest, most compact Galaxy Z Fold yet

Defying expectations, the Galaxy Z Fold5 folds into a compact size despite its large screen when unfolded, making it highly portable.

Slimmer, lighter and more portable than ever

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is now more compact and easier to hold, but it maintains its powerful performance.

And now for your viewing pleasure

The Galaxy Z Fold5 offers continuity between the cover screen and the main screen. You can start watching something on the smaller cover screen and then unfold the device to seamlessly continue watching on the larger main screen.

1750 nits keeps it bright. Even in direct light

A video plays on the Main Screen of Galaxy Z Fold5 in Flex Mode. The Flex Mode Panel shows playback controls on the bottom half of the screen.

The Galaxy Z Fold5’s main screen is built for an exceptional viewing experience even outdoors:

  • Large and Bright: The 7.6-inch display offers a movie-theater feel.
  • Ultra Bright: With a peak brightness of 1750 nits, sunlight won’t wash out the visuals.

Multi Window.
Your multitasking secret weapon

Two Galaxy Z Fold5 devices. One is folded and seen from the rear. The other is open to the Main Screen. Two windows are open on the Main Screen. One is a note-taking app with drawings created with the S Pen hovering over the screen. The other is an internet browser.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 boasts the most advanced multitasking experience yet on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You can juggle three apps simultaneously on the large screen, allowing you to stream, shop, browse the web, or play games all at once.

The large main screen allows for effortless multitasking, as shown by dragging and dropping content like a cake image from a web browser directly into a text message chat window.

The task bar is featured at the bottom of the Main Screen. An S Pen hovers over one of the many app icons pinned to the task bar.
  • Improved Taskbar: The taskbar can hold up to 12 apps at once, with quick access to your four most recently used ones for effortless switching.
  • S Pen Compatibility (optional): Enhance your multitasking efficiency by using the S Pen (sold separately) with the Galaxy Z Fold5.

The most portable S Pen for Fold yet, with a compact case

The S Pen  elevates your note-taking experience on the Galaxy Z Fold5 with its precision and smooth writing. You can use Samsung Notes, which syncs across your devices, or your favorite note-taking app for a more creative touch.

Two Galaxy Z Fold5 devices with Slim S Pen Case installed. Two smartphone case colour options are represented: Sand and Icy Blue.

The 50MP MVP

More Than Just a Camera: The Galaxy Z Fold5’s foldable design transforms it into a mobile studio. The two large displays provide ample space for creative control while shooting photos or videos. Its 30x Space Zoom lets you capture distant subjects in detail, and the phone allows for easy reshooting, zooming, and editing on the go.

Dual Preview puts your subject in control

The Galaxy Z Fold5’s large unfolded screen allows you to show your subject the photo preview in real-time, letting them adjust their pose or appearance for the perfect shot.

The image showcases the Galaxy Z Fold5’s unique camera capabilities. An unfolded Z Fold5 is being used to capture a photo of a tennis player on the court. The photographer, kneeling, uses the unfolded phone’s rear camera. Interestingly, both the photographer and the subject can see the photo preview:

  • Photographer: They view the preview on the large Main Screen.
  • Subject: They can see themselves on the smaller Cover Screen for easy pose adjustment.

Balanced and bright in low light

The Galaxy Z Fold5 unfolds to reveal a large Main Screen perfect for capturing high-resolution night photos with impressive color and clarity, even in low-light conditions.

Tap record. Capture memories

The image depicts a video captured with the Galaxy Z Fold5’s rear camera, showcasing #withGalaxy. The video focuses on a florist meticulously clipping flower stems. The text highlights the camera’s ability to capture:

  • Rich color and detail: The natural shades and textures of the flowers are reproduced with impressive quality.
  • Auto FPS for consistent brightness: The phone automatically adjusts exposure to maintain a bright video throughout, even in changing lighting conditions.

Premium and tough, inside and out

  • Built to Last: The Galaxy Z Fold5 is designed to withstand repeated folding and unfolding.
  • Armor Aluminum Frame: A strong aluminum frame protects the phone from everyday bumps and scratches.
  • Samsung Care+ Option (additional cost): For additional peace of mind, you can enroll in Samsung Care+ to cover even major accidental damage.
A close up of the side frame and Flex Hinge.

Control more screens at once with Multi control

The Galaxy Z Fold5 boasts a durable design built to endure repeated folding and unfolding, with a strong Armor Aluminum frame safeguarding it from everyday bumps and scratches. For those seeking even more peace of mind, Samsung Care+ offers optional enrollment to cover even major accidental damage.

A mouse is used to drag an image between Galaxy Z Fold5 in Flex Mode and a document on Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Designed with the planet in mind

The Galaxy Z Fold5 boasts a durable design built to endure repeated folding and unfolding, with a strong Armor Aluminum frame safeguarding it from everyday bumps and scratches. For those seeking even more peace of mind, Samsung Care+ offers optional enrollment to cover even major accidental damage.

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256GB, 512GB


Phantom Black, Cream, Icy Blue

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