How to get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy A14

The Samsung Galaxy A14 offers great value as a budget-friendly smartphone for Kenyans looking for solid performance without breaking the bank. Released in early 2023, the A14 packs a capable MediaTek Helio G80 chip, large 5,000 mAh battery, 90Hz display and quad camera setup.

While not a flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy A14 provides a smooth and responsive experience for daily use when you follow these handy tips. Let’s explore how to get the most out of your Galaxy A14 in Kenya for productivity and entertainment.

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The price of the Samsung Galaxy A14 is:

Use Dark Mode for Longer Battery Life 

One easy way to extend battery life on the A14 is to enable dark mode. Go to Settings > Display and toggle on Dark mode. This switches system menus and native Samsung apps to a black background. 

The AMOLED display consumes less power displaying darker colors. With dark mode on, you can stretch the A14’s battery life by up to 30 minutes each charge. Useful when you need to conserve power.

Add Memory with MicroSD Card

While the base 64GB storage is sufficient for many, you can expand capacity cheaply using a microSD card. The A14 supports up to 1TB additional storage through the hybrid SIM slot.

Buy a fast Class 10 microSD card and insert it for extra space to install more apps and store media files like music, videos and photos. This lets you get around the storage limitations.

Customize the Side Key Shortcut  

Make use of the side key customization feature. Press and hold the power button and tap Side key settings. Choose Double press or Press and hold shortcuts like launching apps, toggling flashlight or taking screenshots.

This makes it easy to quickly open frequently used apps or controls without fumbling through menus. You can also switch off the Bixby assistant shortcut if you prefer Google Assistant.

Enable Blue Light Filter for Comfort  

The A14’s 6.6-inch LCD display emits high amounts of blue light which can strain eyes. Turn on the built-in blue light filter via Settings > Display > Blue light filter. 

You can set schedules to automatically enable it at night for more comfortable viewing before bed. The warmer screen tones put less pressure on your eyes.

Use Flex Mode for Split Screen

Samsung’s unique Flex Mode lets you get more done on the Samsung Galaxy A14. Partially fold the phone when using certain apps to trigger a split-screen view. For instance, the camera app moves controls to the bottom and the viewfinder up top.

You can also run two apps simultaneously this way. Flex mode is great for multitasking and productivity on the go. Just be gentle when bending the phone to prevent damage.

Lock Down Apps in Secure Folder 

Secure Folder provides a private encrypted space to store apps and files away from other users. Set up your secure folder, then add apps like social media, gallery, contacts and email into it.

These apps require your fingerprint each time to access the secure space. Great for privacy and keeping sensitive data locked down. You can also have separate versions of apps inside and outside the folder.

Clean Up Storage and Memory 

To keep your Galaxy A14 running smoothly, tap the Device care option in Settings. Select Optimize Now to clear cached and temporary files that build up over time. This frees up storage space and memory for better performance. 

Enable auto-optimization so the phone regularly clears junk files and closes background apps you’re no longer using. Your A14 will run like new for longer.

Discover Useful Bixby Routines 

Bixby Routines are a powerful automation tool on the A14. You can set up routines to change settings based on triggers like time, location, Bluetooth devices connecting etc.

Handy examples include muting notifications at night, enabling data saver when roaming, switching to vibrate mode at work or power saving mode at low battery. Bixby shortcuts save you time managing your phone manually.

Master Pro Camera Controls

While not top tier, the A14’s camera quality belies its price with the 50MP main lens capturing good detail and dynamic range in daylight. Tap the 3-line icon in the camera app to access pro settings.

You can manually adjust ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more. With some photography knowledge, the A14 can take truly impressive landscapes, portraits and low light images. Great for aspiring photographers on a budget.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 delivers a well-rounded smartphone experience for an affordable price. Follow these tips to maximize its features and performance as your daily driver. Enjoy the seamless productivity and entertainment!

FAQs on Samsung Galaxy A14 Tips for Kenyans

1. How can I improve Galaxy A14 battery life?

Enable dark mode, ensure apps are not draining power unnecessarily in the background, and use lower screen brightness when possible.

2. What processor does the Galaxy A14 use?

It is powered by a MediaTek Helio G80 chip which delivers smooth performance for daily tasks. 

3. Does the A14 have NFC for mobile payments?

Unfortunately no, NFC is not included on the Galaxy A14 likely as a cost saving measure. 

4. How much internal storage does the A14 come with?

It has 64GB of onboard storage. But you can expand it via microSD card by up to 1TB.

5. How many cameras does the Galaxy A14 have?

There is a quad camera setup on the rear consisting of a 50MP main + 5MP ultrawide + 2MP macro + 2MP depth sensor.

6. Can I use the A14 on Safaricom’s 5G network?

No, the A14 only supports 4G connectivity. For a budget 5G Samsung option look at the A23 5G and A33 5G models.

7. Does the Galaxy A14 come with a fast charger?

It supports 15W fast charging but a charger is not included in the box. You’ll need to purchase one separately.

8. How durable and water resistant is the A14? 

It has an IP52 splash resistance rating. While not high, it should withstand the occasional splash but not full submersion.

9. Does the A14 have wireless charging support?

No, there is no wireless charging on this budget Samsung phone. You’ll need to use the Type-C port.

10. What version of Android does the Galaxy A14 run?

It launches with Android 13 and Samsung’s One UI 5.0 software layer on top.

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