How to Access 5G Speeds on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Kenya

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ships with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, bringing significantly faster 5G capabilities. With 5G networks rolling out rapidly in Kenya, S23 Ultra owners can now enjoy ultra-quick speeds, low latency and enhanced capacity. 

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This guide will walk you through the steps to get your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra connected over 5G for a transformative data experience:

Step 1 – Check 5G Coverage in Your Area

The first step is ensuring your neighborhood or workplace has 5G coverage by Safaricom or other providers. While rollout is quickening, 5G is still limited to certain locations like CBDs and suburban hubs.

You can check Safaricom’s live 5G availability map on their website to see if your location is blanketed. If yes, you’re ready for 5G! If not, keep an eye out as carriers expand coverage this year.

Step 2 – Ensure You Have an Active 5G SIM 

Your SIM card enables access to the 5G network. Contact your mobile operator to check if your current SIM is 5G-enabled. For Safaricom users, new SIMs issued from August 2022 support 5G. 

If your SIM is older, visit a Safaricom store to get it swapped for a 5G-capable SIM. Most providers are offering this exchange for free. Dual SIM S23 Ultra models will require two 5G SIMs.

Step 3 – Select a 5G Service Plan 

Sign up for a 5G monthly service plan from Safaricom or another provider. 5G plans are priced similar to 4G with competitive per-GB data rates. However, 5G towers utilize the 3.5Ghz spectrum which has lower range. 

Carefully consider carriers’ 5G network coverage before committing to avoid limited connectivity. Carrier aggregation with 4G augments coverage.

Step 4 – Update Software to Latest Version

Ensuring your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is running the most up-to-date software maximizes 5G performance. Navigate to Settings > Software update and tap Download and install if an update is available. 

The latest security patches and Samsung firmware contains optimizations for 5G connectivity on the S23 series. Keep the software updated for optimal speeds.

Step 5 – Enable 5G in Connections Settings

By default, 5G is disabled when you insert your 5G SIM into the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Head into Settings > Connections > Mobile networks and toggle on 5G. Choose 5G/LTE/3G/2G or 5G/4G/3G as the preferred network mode.

Disabling 5G saves battery life if not needed. You can quickly switch between 5G and 4G here as required. But enabling it allows harnessing the S23 Ultra’s 5G potential.

Step 6 – Restart Your Device

To complete the activation process, power off your Galaxy S23 Ultra completely and restart it. This forces the handover from 4G to 5G when the phone boots back up with 5G now switched on in settings. 

You should immediately see the 5G logo in the status bar indicating you’re now connected to the blazing fast next-generation network!

Step 7 – Run Speed Tests

Open Safaricom’s My Saf app or a speed testing website to verify your actual 5G speeds. The S23 Ultra is 5G-ready for both sub-6GHz and lighting-quick mmWave technology where available.

In optimal signal conditions, you can expect 500 – 1000 Mbps downloads over sub-6GHz and 1 – 4 Gbps with mmWave which exceeds most home Wi-Fi speeds! Upload speeds are also dramatically faster than LTE.

Experience the Power of 5G on Your Galaxy S23 Ultra

Following these simple steps allows you to unleash the full potential of your S23 Ultra with astonishingly quick 5G data. Safaricom is targeting over 200 5G sites in Kenya by end of 2023, so availability is only improving.

With the S23 Ultra’s next-gen hardware like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, you can enjoy lag-free mobile gaming, near-instant application downloads, smooth 8K video streaming and much more. Welcome to the 5G future!

FAQs on 5G Connectivity for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Kenya

1. Which 5G bands does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra support?

It supports both sub-6GHz (n41, n71, n66) and high-frequency mmWave (n260, n261) 5G bands.

2. How do I check Safaricom 5G coverage in my locality?

You can view their live 5G coverage map on the Safaricom website to see if your area is blanketed.

3. Do I need a new SIM for 5G connectivity?

Yes, you’ll need a freshly issued 5G-enabled SIM usually available for free from Safaricom and other carriers.

4. Is 5G network access more expensive in Kenya?

Currently, 5G plans are priced very similarly to 4G. But coverage is still more limited.

5. Why does my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra display 4G instead of 5G?

Ensure 5G is enabled in mobile network settings and that you have an active 5G service plan. Then restart your device.

6. How much faster is 5G compared to 4G in Kenya?

At optimal speeds, 5G can deliver up to 10 times the peak speeds of 4G networks. Real-world gains are commonly 2-5 times faster.

7. What is the range of 5G signals in Kenya? 

5G operates on higher 3.5Ghz frequencies that have poorer range than 4G. But carriers use 4G signal aggregation to boost coverage.

8. Will 5G drain my S23 Ultra’s battery life faster?

Yes, the faster speeds and lower latency does consume slightly more power. But the S23 Ultra has good battery optimization.

9. Can I stay on 4G if 5G coverage is limited in my area?

Yes, you can disable 5G and stay on 4G only mode to save power until your carrier’s 5G network expands sufficiently.

10. Do all Samsung Galaxy S23 models support 5G?

Yes, the entire S23 lineup has 5G connectivity capability for both local and international variants.

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